01 April 2016
New Manoeuvres song
Hey there,
it's been a while, again, but I haven't been sitting quietly at the sidelines.
Lots of nice projects and shows have kept me busy.
Here's one of them ... a new track by Manoeuvres. Enjoy!
(Vid at bottom of page)

02 December 2015
Touring life

The first show of the Helsinki and K's Choice Benelux tour at Tivoli-Vredenburg was a blast !
Great start of this tour.
Next up are shows at Effenaar, Muziekodroom, Paradiso, Ancienne Belgique, .... and more..
Check out all the dates and locations at

Come out and rock your asses off !!
Have a beer or two and get a copy of our debut album.



01 September 2015
New bands and new shows !
Since I last wrote something meaningfull on this site, some things have changed for the good.

I'm currently an active drummer in 4 bands.

Helsinki has finished their debut EP which is set to be released beginning of October. Following with a bunch of clubshows and a Benelux tour in December supporting K's Choice !

Manoeuvres will be recording 3 more new tracks for the upcoming album which will be released next year on Sony.

In the meantime check out the latest video of our last single 'My Love'

I'm also part of the Hannelore Bedert band and of the ever so fun Radio Oorwoud. Lots of fun times and shows coming up soon !

Stay tuned and have a good day !


24 January 2015
Getting jiggy with it

howdy strangers,

there's been a lot going on lately.
My time's been stacking up on rehearsals, tryout concerts and some new drumstudents.
And some last minute studio session for some unknown rockband ... :)
which is always fun !

And it's promising to be a nice and fullfilling year.

Helsinki is gonna be playing some more shows throughout the coming months and the first official showcase for Manoeuvres has been confirmed as well. More on that later !
I'm pretty stoked to say the least.

Drop by one of the shows and come say hi.



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