Studio Session

Since I'm resident at my own studio, it's only natural for me to record, produce and arrange drums in all sorts of music styles.
If your looking for a specific sound or feel, if your own takes don't sound good enough or if you don't have the budget or location to record professional sounding drumtracks, I can offer you this solution.
Ready-to-use drumtracks.
Easy to import into your own recording session at a fraction of the price of a big recording facility.
Let me know what you need and we can discuss further details.

Live Session

After years of hands-on experience on the road, it's no issue to quickly fit in an existing band or artists entourage.
Indepently filling in for one show, a couple of shows or even a longterm tour, freelancing as a drummer is what I do best.
Off course I'm also prepared to commit to certain projects if time allows it.
Contact me for whatever project you'd need a solid backbeat, and I'll be there.
Join us!