01 November 2017
Longtime no update ..... fresh news !

Hi there,
again it's been a while. Don't think I'm equally good updating this site as I am producing albums. But hey, I don't mind.

Here's a quick update.
This year there's been a lot of activity at Oceanside Studios.
I've been working on albums for Klein Komitee, Comet Street, Helsinki, Dieseljunk, Guilty As Charged, Fields of Troy, Reject the Sickness, Haester, Brides of Lucifer, Three Eyed Jack, Hexa Mera, .... enough to stay busy !

Next year there's a lot more fun projects heading this way.

I'll try and stay up to date on here.
Thanks for your patience and your attention !

peace !

01 April 2016
New video
Hi peeps,
here's a new track, produced at Oceanside.
Belgian rockers Tangled Horns still going strong.
(See vid at bottom of page)

More rockin' freshness and vids coming soon...

01 December 2015
New releases and ongoing projects

The new Homer album has been released two weeks ago and the debut album from the boys of Helsinki - thebandnotthecity - has just left the pressing plant.
Both albums have received a vinyl pressing as well so that'll make a fine addition to the Oceanside backcatalog.

Check 'em out if you get the chance.

This Kid and Fields of Troy recording sessions are reaching their final stages,
and some exciting retro tunes coming your way soon .... LSG ...
Lovemyjob !


01 September 2015
New albums and indian summer sessions !
It's been a while since I updated this site.
Guess it's a good thing I'm too busy to do so. :)

Past summer has been quite hectic.
Lots of projects, singles, preproductions, liveshows and full length albums.

Look out for the new EP 'Loved Loss' from the punkrockers at Homer.
Also, the indierockband Moody Woods released a three song EP and the upcoming Tangled Horns album is as good as finished.

Currently the Spoil Engine sessions for their highly anticipated new album (feat. a fresh new line-up) is nearing it's end.
And here at Oceanside we're already heating up the amps for bands such as This Kid, Fields Of Troy, Klein Komitee, Thin Line Men and a Fish Called Louis.
Busy times ahead indeed.

Stay tuned.


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