Control Room

Our controlroom is a perfect RFZ design. (Reflection Free Zone)
Designed to meet the highest standards in the industry.

This means; you hear what's in your mix. Accurately that is.
The K&H O300 soffit design really translates your mix perfectly, and this is the way to go if you want your mix to sound as good on your homestereo as it sounds in the studio.

Again this room has a nice wood and fabric finish, providing a relaxing atmosphere totally isolated from the distractions of your surroundings.

The recording setup is based around a 24in-32out Protools HD Accel system, controlled by the 32channel analog Toft ATB console. All ins and outs, including fx, outboard preamps and dynamics are accesible through a 500 point Neutrik TT bantam patchbay layout. This gives total control over all lines throughout the studio.

Vintage and analog outboard gear is at your disposal and 16 additional lines are available if you want to connect your own gear.

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