Live Room

The 30 sq m recording room has a natural wood and stonewall interior, designed to provide a warm and dry sounding recording area.
Daylight keeps you up and running during those early morning sessions while subtle mood lighting will help you get through with a late night vibe.

Direct visual contact with the controlroom allows for perfect communication as well as isolation of both instruments and vocals.

The main hall also serves as real-life echoroom. This is the best way to get that realistic 'big' reverb on your vocals, drums or whatever tracks you'd need.

24 mic lines connect all inputs to the controlroom patchbay for ease of use.
Several instrument as well as speaker lines are provided to the controlroom.
Which means all players can perform and listen back in the controlroom.
Making it easier to maintain performance for longer periods of time without wearing down the ears. This also means you have direct contact with the engineer or producer.
All of this will benefit the player in the end, resulting in a better finished product.

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