Full on music production from start to finish.
Rehearsal, preproduction, arranging, ... every step of the way until the final mix.
Since every musician or band has different needs, every project get's treated differently. We strive to maintain the Oceanside Studio standard and therefore push every musician to the limits.
For me it's the only way to achieve the best result and make our clients happy.

Recording / Mixing

Recording all aspects of your song, perhaps only drums, or maybe just a missing vocal track, this studio is flexible enough to adapt to any project.
We can help you record your own tracks at home and add whatever's necessary at Oceanside studio.
Everything is recorded with the highest quality gear and is compatible with whatever program you use at home.
Besides mixing our own recordings, it's also possible to bring in your own sessions. No matter what style of music, we'll deliver the quality your music needs.

Make sure you contact us first in order to see what standards and specs your tracks will require.

The studio's for rent with or without engineer. Bring in your own external producer and we'll make sure (s)he feels right at home. We aim to create the perfect working environment for both client and producer.
Live sound

Years of on-the-road experience as a musician and engineer assure a professional standard in every live situation.
FOH, monitormix and even in-earmixes are part of my services.
I can work as freelancer, as a fill-in or fulltime committed to any project for tours, national and international.


As part of this studio's possibilities, I also record ready-to-use drumtracks for your album.
If you're looking for killer drums in the pop, alternative, rock or heavy rock genre, send me your recordings together with the parts described, transcribed or just some hints on which direction you'd wanna go. In just a few days I'll deliver you the drumtracks you need.

All of which are recorded in a fully professional studio environment and can easily be imported into your own recordings.

Join us!